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The Wai, Thai greetingQ: Are the Thai people friendly?
A: Yes, especially the people who live outside the big city of Bangkok. Thailand is still known as “The Land of the Smile”.

Q: Do Thai people greet each other by hugging or shaking hands?
A: No. We greet each other by doing the “wai”. The wai is a gesture made by placing your hands together in front of your face and bowing a little bit. (It looks like praying in a western church.) It is also a way to thank someone or apologize.

Q: Is it OK to hug or kiss in public?no public kissing in Thailand
A: No it isn’t. Kissing, cuddling and similar behavior is frowned upon in public – especially amongst older Thais. They will think that you have no manners!

Q: How do Thai people dress?
A: They wear clothes that are similar to what we wear here in the West. However Thais, like all people, sometimes judge you by the way that you dress! So if you need something from a government official you should dress up a little bit (a shirt with a collar, long pants or knee-length dress/skirt with covered shoulders). In addition, always dress conservatively when entering a temple or religious shrine. Just keep an eye on the way the locals dress and copy them.

Q: How do Thais eat a meal?
A: Normally Thais eat with a spoon and a fork simultaneously. Everyone has their own individual dish of rice or bowl of soup. During the meal they use serving spoons to share the flavorful toppings.
However, in northeastern Thailand, people still eat traditionally (with their fingertips). They still use a spoon to eat soup though.

Q: What do the Thai people eat on a daily basis?
A: They have plenty of rice, some meat and lots of vegetables with almost every meal. If you are eating in someone's home don't expect pancakes for breakfast!

Q: Can I pat someone on the head?
A: No you can’t! In Thailand any gesture that you make towards their heads will cause Thais to become nervous and unhappy. They regard their heads as the highest ranked part of their bodies and the soles of their feet as the lowest.

Q: Should I wear shoes inside someon's home?
A: No, you shouldn't. For Thais wearing shoes indoors is disrespectful.

Thailan's King Rama IXQ: What kind of the government does Thailand have?
A: Thailand is a constitutional monarchy like England. The elected Prime Minister is the head of government but the hereditary monarch still has veto power. Under the present constitution the Prime Minister must be a member of Parliament. The legislature has the right to hold a vote of no-confidence and replace the Prime Minister if necessary.

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