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7 days a week
from 9 am - 9
West Coast time

Custom Tailored Thai & Lao
Language Lessons!

Language lessons are at the heart of what I do here at Weekend Thai Translation. All classes are custom designed for EACH student's unique learning style.
Thai alphabetThere are many ways to teach and I use most of them to get good results. The lessons will be adjusted to fit YOUR schedule and YOUR needs.
sually you and I will start with a free placement consultation either in person or via Skype™ (webcam). Then we can talk about which books and learning aids you will need.
I charge $30 per hour or $20 US per half hour lesson. I offer a special discount for 10 lessons paid in advance ($250 US). All lessons will be taught either in person or via webcam. Unless you want the special 10 lesson discount you will receive a PayPal™ bill though your email after each lesson.

link to SkypeCall now to set up your FREE consultation!
510.868.4884 in the USA

     Thai Language Sound Clips
A few words about sentence endings.
How much does it cost?
Is the food spicy?
I apologize
Think nothing of it.
Thank you.
 How many children do you have?
Where is the bathroom?
 You have a beautiful home.
Where is the bus stop?
This food is delicious.
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