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Pam Wanathong Valenzuela owner of WTTMy Mission

I want to bring Thai culture and language to the west in several different ways:

  1. I want to teach the Thai language in a fun way by engaging and entertaining my students with a personally tailored lesson plan. (Why do it if it isn't fun?)
  2. I want to translate casual documents (personal, business & romantic) so that our two cultures understand each other better.
  3. I want to do as much as I can to help westerners understand and appreciate Thai culture. I want, in particular, to help couples who have married cross-culturally.

My Bio

Here is a little bit about me and why I love to teach so much.

My married name is Punchakarn Wannathong Valenzuela but here in the United States many people just call me Pam.

I was born in the Thai province of Kalasin into a warm and lively family of teachers. I have been inspired all of my life by my parents. Their kindness and sense of humor with everyone they met has always encouraged me to emulate them.

Thai kindergarten children playingBy the time that I was in the 5th grade I realized that learning languages was easy for me. In high school language became my area of expertise. After high school I attended what was at the time the top language university in Bangkok and graduated with a Bachelor degree of Education with an emphasis in foreign languages.

When I graduated I taught English to Thai students in the public schools for 17 years. It was then that I developed my fun and cheerful teaching style. My students all seem to appreciate positive reinforcement rather than too much criticism.

In 2004 I came to the US to pursue my dream of traveling and experiencing a new world beyond my country. I was lucky enough to meet a great guy here (Valenzuela) and I am learning about and enjoying American culture more every day

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