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thi womanDating a Thai Woman

A few words of caution are in order for your sake and for her sake too.
There are big differences between a Thai woman living overseas and her twin sister living back home in Thailand but they both want to be loved. In general the longer the adventurous sister lives in the west the more liberal she becomes.
The moral code our imaginary sisters grew up with was pretty strict. (Think USA in the 1950's.) In Thailand this means no kissing in public and even hugging is huge.
miss thailand 2008At first, she will be a little hard to figure out because of the differences in culture. Trying to be patient and good natured is probably the best approach. (Warning: If she gets mad she will probably get quiet not loud.)

What's So Great About Her?

Thai women as a group are very patient and kind. In their childhoods they picked up the crazy idea that their husbands deserve a certain amount of attention. (Western women refer to this as spoiling you.) They value tranquility and family harmony and will work hard with you to obtain it.
In addition, a Thai woman will date an older man without blinking.

romanceWhat's So Great About You?

In general, if she marries a westerner, she can expect to be treated as a desirable woman with important thoughts and feelings.
She won't be expected to cook every meal or wash every dish and she can even hope for some romance after she marries you!
For many Thai women these are powerful enough reasons to leave everything that they know and start over with you.

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