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Feel free to call anytime between 9 am and 9 pm West Coast time.


West Coast

My friends and I specialize in personal, casual business and romantic translation. Our translations are carefully done and we try hard to convey or explain cultural context. Some literal translation can lead to serious misunderstanding so we caution you to be double sure that you know what the other party really means if you use one of the many free online translation programs.

We charge 8 cents US per word with a $15 minimum.

I personally handle all of our interpretation work. I'll set up a free conference call at your convenience and connect you and your friend. When necessary or requested I try to give a culturally correct interpretation to both sides of the conversation. (Culturally sensitive interpretation can be more expensive because it takes longer leading to more billable minutes.)

I charge $1 US per minute with a $15 minimum.

All billing is handled after the service is performed. You will receive a PayPal™ bill though your email so that you are able to pay us conveniently.

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