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Ordering in a Restaurant

Order mouth cooling rice with these spicy combinations:

  1. Try having Chicken Satay and spring rolls as appetizers and eating rice with red, green or yellow curry as the main course. (My husband loves red pumpkin curry.)
  2. I can recommend Laab Gai with rice for an entree. Please start your meal with Som Tum or Yum (both are spicy salads) but make sure the the soothing rice has reached the table before you start!
  3. The last combination that I want to suggest is Tom Yum Goong as a soup course - followed by Pad Gra Prao beef and stir fried chicken with cashew nuts. (Don't forget the rice!)

Special Top Secret Tip!

Even though Pad Thai is a famous one dish meal some people like to eat it with Som Tum and grilled chicken.


If you would like a drink with your meal, and don't want a beer or a soda, I suggest Thai iced tea (Thailand's most famous beverage) or young coconut water.

How Thai People Eat

In Thailand rice is the foundation of every meal and a variety of different toppings are served with it.
All of the dishes are shared family style and each person is given a individual plate of rice, a soup bowl, a spoon and a fork.
During the meal Thais take food from the communal toppings dishes with serving spoons.
Once they have the tasty toppings on thier individual plates they use a fork and spoon together to eat. (The fork is used to load food onto their personal spoon.)

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